Monday, February 10, 2014

Pocket Bibs

I dropped off the little present I made for our newest Eastside Stitcher, Amigirl's little boy.  I have been wanting to show them to you.  I designed them myself.
They were for a HPKCHC class, Flying.  The prompt was to craft something with a pocket.  I thought it would be fun to design some bibs with pockets.  The first one I made is solid blue with a green pocket with navy accents.
I crocheted a button hole in the top, and put in a button.  Then, I thought I would try to design a tie closure for the next bib.
The other fun part of designing these was the color changing/blocking in the tie bib.  I worked really hard to make the stripes with no weaving in, so I used a kind of intarsia technique.  Here is what the back looks like:
Also, for the first bib, I hooked the bottom of the pocket into the bib, then just sewed the sides when I was finished, rather than hooking a separate rectangle and sewing 3 sides (which is what I did for the tie bib).
Honestly, I am always trying to tweak my designs to minimize weaving in and finishing work.

Ok, bedtime.  I have to be at Newport High at 6 am tomorrow.  No kidding.

shaping the planet with baby bib designs.

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  1. Very impressive! The bibs were done very nicely. I love how you put the pocket on it and cool combination of colors.