Thursday, February 13, 2014

People Keep Stopping to Watch Us Knit


The bluest sky you've ever seen...

My cats,  Beena and Muffin, want to go outside so much!  but it has been so cold.  They wait at the door, and when we open it,

Beena sticks out her paw, feels the cold and runs back in to the safety and warmth of the bedroom.  Muffin is a bit braver, but then she is quite large and has way more fur than little Beena.
This morning was sunny and in the 50's so much warmer than the last few days, though it was windy.  When I went out to take photos of the gorgeous sky, they hesitated at the door.  I called to them to come out, "Come on out!  Can't you hear all the birds?  Come hunt!"  Yes.  I lured my cats outside with the promise of a bird hunt.  They are not very good hunters, though, so I felt the bird were fairly safe.  The cats stayed out for quite a good time, enjoying all of the sounds, and the movement of the bushes and trees in the wind.

It was raining by the time I left for Crossroads to meet up with the Eastside Stitchers.  The round table was quite full by 7 pm, so we pulled up a second table.

Wajio was there, but she didn't have the right size needles with her, so she left early.

Pam2 is knitting a pair of Pippi Kneestockings from  Stitch 'N Bitch, The Knitter's Handbook.  The yarns are some lovely greens, and the photo doesn't do them justice.  I'm editing this to add that I picked up your paper pattern, if you are looking for it!  I'll keep it in my knit bag and bring it next Wednesday.
Alphabetadell was working on the sleeves of one of her baby suits.  Or, was she ripping the sleeve out?  There was quite a bit of discussion of frogging tonight.
BlueBerryMary talked about ripping back her Follow My Arrow Mystery Shawl.  Tonight, however, she wasn't working on the shawl.  She is almost finished with the gorgeous sweater she is knitting for her husband.
She is knitting the sleeves 2-at-a-time.  And is almost finished with them.

Anerenbe brought the beginning of a baby hat.
I wish I had taken a photo when she was ready to go home.  She made such great progress.  Honestly, a potential new Eastside Stitcher stopped at the table and sat down to chat for a bit.  She watched Anerenbe speed knit in awe and said, "she should be in a speed competition."   Hmmmm.... Sock Madness, Anerenbe?

Tara1682 has made beautiful progress on her lace wrap.
Last week, I believe she described it as "cat barf."  It definitely looks like a lace wrap, now.

Caam704 is knitting a baby blanket.
She looks about half way finished already.

VanesaPolo was working on one of her beautiful designs.

I hope to be able to test knit for her, and might have to buy some Malabrigo at Madrona on Saturday.  I need the right yarn for the test knit, don't I?  I only have 2 partial skeins of Malabrigo left over from last year's Malabrigo Madness.  If I get some sock yarn, I could double dip in Mal Madness and Sock Madness.  That would be a smart purchase!  Hmmmmm, anyway, I definitely want to test knit this hat.

CathieC almost left before I was able to snatch a photo of her new striped hat.
She is knitting it in her favorite method of knitting flat, and seaming at the end.  Of course, this prompted a discussion of people who enjoy finishing work, and those of us who do not; and people who like to knit in the round, and people who like to knit flat.

OOOO!  I almost forgot.  While we were knitting, a women stopped and said she is a student at Cornish School of the Arts in Seattle.  She is doing a project on Women of the Pacific Northwest, and asked if she could take a photo of our table of knitting NW women.  We all held up our projects, and she took a photo.  Famous Eastside Stitchers!

shaping the planet with famous knitting friends.

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