Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spent the whole day

working on my first entry for the Ravellenics.  I am making a "quick" 12 square (36 in x 48 in) lapghan.  I finished 4 squares.  I can't sew any together until I get some photos, so that will happen tomorrow.

Until then you will just have to look at photos of the snow from last night.
Unfortunately for those of us hoping for snow days, it got up into the 40's and is now raining, so the snow is disappearing, quickly.

We missed meeting for Sunday Knitting at Panera's this morning.  The one good thing is that my student who I was supposed to tutor didn't want to drive in the snow, so she cancelled and I got to stay home and work on the squares.

I also finished the square for the 3rd pattern for the 2014 Mystery Blanket KAL.  I like the "wrong" side better than the right side of this pattern.  I feel like I am falling behind with this KAL (though I am not really).  I plan to make the first blanket with 9 squares.  I am making 2 of each pattern, and then 1 square of one of the patterns.  I like this pattern, but I might just make one of it.  I have five of the nine squares finished.  The baby is due in May so I have plenty of time to finish it.

Ok, bedtime, and I promise some photos of my work tomorrow.

Good night,
shaping the planet with 1/3 of a lapghan.

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