Friday, February 21, 2014

Final February Fiber Friday

How's that for alliteration?

I am working this evening sub job this week (well one day) and all next week.  The best part is that I get to go to Fiber Friday!  I pulled into a parking space at Crossroads in Bellevue just in time to see CathieC get out of her car and head towards the Jo-Ann's entrance to the Mall.

CathieC was wearing her finished Ravellenics hat.
This is an unfinished photo from last week, but you can tell that the color is easy to spot on a cloudy day. 

We were soon joined by JulieMustKnit who was working on HER Ravellenics project, a sweater.  She is well onto the body, but is not sure that she will finish before the closing ceremonies.
I made her pose the sweater with her Winter Ravellenics Bag.  Well, if she doesn't finish, big deal.  Has she ever knit so much of a sweater so quickly?  I am totally impressed at her output.

BlueBerryMary was putting the final touches on the sweater she knit for her DH. 
You can see the turtleneck growing on her dpns.

CathieC, while wearing her newest hat, was back to knitting on her MacArthur Park Poncho.  She frogged the bad section from Wednesday night, and was knitting forward again.
I had her stretch it out a bit so you can see the great progress she has made on this poncho, but this photo doesn't do the progress justice.  I don't know how much she has to go, but she is really moving along.

Pam2 brought the cuff to a new fingerless mitt.
You can't see how lovely the color is in this photo.  The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock.  That sparked a big discussion on Cascade Yarns.  Longtime readers of this blog (ha ha ha I can say that can't I?) will know how much I love this yarn for socks.  The colors are deep, rich and vibrant and they have a great variety of solid colors.  The yarn quality has always been rock solid.  However,  since the company has started manufacturing their yarns in China instead of Peru, the quality has definitely changed.  Pam2 had a bad section of fuzzy felted yarn right in the middle of the skein.  I just don't understand why Cascade monkeyed with a winning yarn product.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has noticed a difference in the quality or whatever in Cascade Yarns since they moved production to China.

Ok, back to Fiber Friday.  CodyJunk arrived just as I was leaving so I wasn't able to see what she brought to hook or knit. 

I brought the 4th pattern/clue for the 2014 Mystery Blanket KAL.  It is a very cool ridged ribbing.
Tomorrow, I am headed to Tolt for their Imperial Yarns Tasting and Talk.  Sunday, I will attend the Crochet Guild of Puget Sound Meeting at Crossroads, and then on Monday, attend the Eastside Knitters Guild's February meeting. 

shaping the planet with fiber activities
I wore my Day 15 Cowl to work this afternoon!  No one complemented it.

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