Thursday, February 13, 2014


I feel like I don't have that much to write about.  But, I do.  It's just that I have been knitting/crocheting long term projects.  I have been working a ton.  When I work, I bring my Day 15 Cowl because it is small, portable, and I have the easy pattern memorized.  Although I work on it when I can, it just never seems to grow.
After consulting with the cowl master, Puzan, I decided that I would make the pattern part about 4 - 5 inches with garter stitch borders of about 1/2 inch each.  Before blocking, of course.  I think I have been stuck at 3.5 inches for a week.  I decided that I would knit until February 15, and then I will just knit the garter stitch top border and be done with the thing.  I can block it aggressively, if needed, to get the width I want.  I know from blocking the 2014 Advent Calendar Scarf (the pattern is the stitch from Day 15, and I am using the skein that was left over from that project) that I can get quite a bit of stretch from this pattern if I want it.  But, I don't want to make this too open.  I measured the width while I was in between students at Bellevue College today, and I was happy to see that I have finally hit the 4 inch mark.
I don't feel so much pressure to work only on this cowl.  It has been nice social knitting, though, and I will need another project that is easily portable.

My Ravellenics Project is NOT portable.  I am making a lap afghan (lapghan).  I designed the square for this blanket.  I am using only one pattern.  I decided that I wanted the squares to be super soft and squishy so I used lots and lots of puffs in the pattern.  In fact, I call this pattern "Puff Daddy."

I am using only two colors of yarn.  I am varying the color changes.  Some of the squares will be solid.
Some will change colors.
None of the squares that have color changes will look alike (I hope!)
I have finished 7 of the 12 squares I need to cross the finish line at the Ravellenic Games in the "Giant Slalom-ghan" and "Modular Relay."  I'm working tomorrow morning (I really need to get to bed) and then tutoring in the afternoon.  Then Doc and I are going to dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day.  I hope to get in a bit of work between the tutoring and the dinner/movie out. 

I can't take this to Madrona on Saturday, either.  I will probably bring the socks I have started for my brother.  I don't have a photo yet, but I am using more of the Berroco Vintage that I bought from Little Knits.  I sent out the first pair of socks a few weeks ago, and he called to say they fit perfectly.  I am using a basketweave pattern of knits and purls for this pair.  The yarn is dark blue, so the pattern won't be very visible, but I will know it is there!

Really time for bed now.
shaping the planet with long term projects.

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