Friday, February 21, 2014

Blocking the Day 15 Cowl


The Day 15 Cowl is off the needles.  Rather irritatingly, though I tried so hard to keep my bind off loose, the bind off edge is tighter than the cast on edge.  This is the first time that has happened.  Usually my cast on is way tighter.  I decided to just even the edges out as best I could in the blocking.  Also, I wanted to stretch the width a bit so the lace opened up.  I got some good advice from the Eastside Stitchers on how to block this circular bit of knitting without getting  crease lines from where it was folded.  But....

Well, I soaked and pinned the cowl to the mats this morning, and then worked all day, so I had no chance to rotate the cowl as it dried, and when I got home from work it had definite crease lines.

I decided to spray water on the lines and reblock the cowl just a bit using something round to hold the shape, but what to use?

Two packs of toilet paper were just the right size, and nice and rounded on the ends.

I plan to wear the cowl to Tolt Yarn and Wool Saturday for the Imperial Yarn Tasting and Talk.

shaping the planet with special blockers.

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