Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Vernal Equinox


One of the most fun things about writing this blog is getting feedback.  I remember the first comment way back almost 3 years ago, and how excited I was to have someone not only reading, but actually writing back.

As I have made a wider circle of fiber friends, the feedback has increased, but not always on as comments on the blog.  My Eastside Stitchers friends tend to either pm me on Ravelry, or simply text me.

I love how this allows me to correct mistakes and fill in the gaps when I don't get all of the information on who is knitting which pattern.  I like to think that my blog is a little bit of the history of our group, and also a reflection of what types of patterns were being knit each year.  Thus, it is important to report on the patterns and the designers.  In addition to the historical aspect (ha ha ha), it's a nice resource for any reader who thinks, "I want to make that gorgeous shawl that WireKnitter brought for show and tell." (chances are it was designed by Susan Ashcroft)  Or, "I am ready for a lace project, and Tara1682 has knit some beautiful ones, maybe I'll try one of the ones she has made."

This is all a long way to say that GwenS pm'd me to fill in the blanks for the cowl she was starting last night.  The pattern is Leaded Windows by Kate Vanover.  I was right about the yarn.  It is a Malabrigo.  In fact, it is Rios.  She is using Arcos Iris, which is a red, and Azul Profundo, which is a blue.

GwenS also remembered the name of the beautiful lace shawl that Tara1682 is knitting.
This is Juno Regina by Miriam L. Felton. 

Thank you, GwenS.  I really count on your memory.

shaping the planet with way more sunlight.

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