Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Best Search Ever


Yesterday, in the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup) Group, well really in the Gryffindor Common Room, someone mentioned a search on Ravelry using filters.  This search was so genius, that I then spent the next hour searching patterns, and putting them in my Ravelry Library.

You might have already figured this search out, and if so, go search for more patterns.  For those of you who aren't as ... at ease... with searching, I tried to do a bit of a tutorial by taking screen shots of how to do it.

The search is for All Patterns that are FREE and not in my library.

Ok, so here is a shot of just the Ravelry site, with the forums page up, though you can start this search anywhere.

Click the Patterns tab.

On the next screen, in the top left corner, click "Use the pattern browser & advanced search"

On the next screen, check "Free."

At the bottom of that box, click "or, match any of these."

A new menu will appear on the left corner with the filters.

On the bottom of that menu click "advanced."

The next menu that appears has the special filter.

Free should be at the top of the menu.  Find the first OR and click the arrow.  You have 3 choices, OR, AND, and AND NOT.  Choose AND.

Move the mouse to the right to the next arrow.  Click and look at the drop down menu.  These are your choices for how you want to get your patterns. Choose Ravelry Download.

Go to the next OR arrow, and when the menu drops, choose "and not."

Click the next arrow on the right, and choose "In my library."
That's it.  Then, if you put the patterns in your Ravelry library, when you run the search again, those patterns will not show, and you can choose new patterns to look at.

One more thing that I like to do is go back up to the top of the page and find the SORT.  When you click that arrow, you have some great choices.  I like to check "Most Popular," and "Most Projects." Most Projects tends to give you older patterns.  Most Popular can give newer patterns that have been downloaded, but not yet stitched.  But, the other choices can give interesting results, also.  It is worth checking out" Recently Added to Ravelry," if you like to see the newest free patterns.

Of course, you can personalize this search.  You can choose crochet or knit. Or Machine Knitting or Loom Knitting for that matter.

You can chose Baby or Adult, or what ever.
Click Age or Size.

Then check Baby.

The most amazing patterns will appear.  All of them are free.

It's the best.

shaping the planet with lots of new patterns.

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