Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Overheard at the nail salon


Yesterday, I got my finger and toe nails done, and by "done" I mean cut, cuticles trimmed, shaped, buffed, and softened (my feet!).  I never get polish, as it chips and looks crappy within hours for me.  My nails tend to get really long and ugly shaped.  Then I smack my hand on something, and they chip or tear.  I had one fairly short nail that I had broken on the car door handle last week. So, to even them out, the manicurist had to make them all pretty short.

My favorite part is the massage, especially for my feet.  

I went with Skeinherder and VanesaPolo.  They both brought knitting.  I had brought my Lebowski socks.

I am on the toe decreases for the first sock.  I can't wait to cast on the mate and get these socks off the needles and on my feet!  I knit on them a bit on my epic trip to So. Cal. and Phoenix, but as I did most of the driving, I didn't get to knit very much, except on the plane ride home.  We didn't have to wait for our appointment, so I didn't get to knit in the waiting area, and, as I was having a manicure as well as a pedicure, I couldn't knit while in the chair.

Skeinherder and VanesaPolo both had baby sweaters on their needles, and the ladies in the shop asked about knitting, is it hard? etc.  As they were all chatting, the woman working on my nails said, "It's nice to come here with your daughters."


shaping the world with 2 new daughters... O! and I guess I am soon to be a Grandmother

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