Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Frantically Finishing


Now that the Babies Shower and the Spring Term for HPKCHC have ended, not to mention Tour de Sock and Sock Madness, I should be taking a breather.  And I am.  Sort of.

My kids are  getting ready to leave for college, Himes has left already as U of Arizona starts early and he needs to get back in Ballet shape.  I desperately need to finish up Pookie's afghan.  I started it January 2012, and hooked Himes's afghan

simultaneously.  I finished up Himes afghan in time for Christmas, but knowing that I had a while for Pookie, I set it aside.  So, now I have hauled out the stack of squares.  I need 4 more, and to hook them all together.

I am leaving early tomorrow to drive down to Arizona with my father in law, and flying back on Sunday.  The afghan is not very portable.  Ugh.

I'll bring my computer and camera.  I hope to post on the road.

shaping the planet with a not quite complete afghan.
O, I took a break from Pookie's afghan to hook this Crown Jewel's Square for the Gryffindor Blanket Square exchange.  Note the Gryffindor colors framing the square.

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