Friday, August 30, 2013

Fiber Friday Discusses What is Formal Wear in the Pacific Northwest?


Super rainy yesterday, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous today.

I am leaving tonight to take Pookie to New Jersey.  I think the entire Pacific Northwest is trying to remind him that we live in paradise, and he better plan to move back after college.

Lots of fun at Crossroads this morning.  Eastside Stitchers had a full table under the skylight.  

Our Wednesday night friend, Anerenbe showed up.  She was working on a beautiful blanket , Umaro by Jared Flood.

Constance49 brought another fun show and tell.
She made the face with clay.  The hair is made of all types of novelty yarns.  She also brought a new shawl-in-progress, Zuzu's Petals by Carina Spencer.
Winterpromise31 is almost at the decreases on her Twisted Trellis Hat.
JulieMustKnit has made beautiful progress on her Union Square Cowl
I brought my Pamina Socks. 

I decided that they were a bit short.  So, I frogged the toes, and am reknitting them to make them just a bit longer.  I am waiting for the 2013 Fall Term of HPKCHC to start.  I can't cast on anything new if I want it to count for points for Gryffindor.  These last few days have been a bit aimless.  I got my pattern posted in The Testing Pool, and have seven very nice people who have offered to make it and give me feedback on the instructions.  As soon as it is finished being tested and rewritten, I will be putting it up on Ravelry.  It will be exciting to have 2 patterns listed there.

O, and about the title?  We agreed that while Yoga pants are for every day here, Jeans are definitely Formal.

shaping the planet from paradise

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