Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nerd Attack! Or, Why My Kids are Embarassed By Me


Ugh!  hot and humid today.

Last Fiber Friday, I was laughing at admiring CathieC's nerdy very cool magnifying headgear.  However, since I am making some pretty small items right now (stitch markers),

I really wanted my own pair.  Sometimes, especially if I am using dark yarn or doing something intricate or tiny, my eyes are super blurry by the time I go to bed.  I need something more than magnifying or "cheater" glasses.  I have a pair of reading glasses, but they just don't seem to be focused at the right distance for knitting/stitching.  The optometrist  and I have a discussion about that every time I go to his office (Hi, Riley!  - hahaha I'm sure he doesn't read my blog).  We decided on computer distance.  But, that doesn't really help my knitting/hooking.

So, here they are:

There are a whole bunch of different lenses that snap in to make the magnification higher or lower. 

It has a light on the top!
The light and the lenses are adjustable.  You can tilt them so they are at just the right angle.  Also, I have also noticed that I can put the lens at an angle for hooking in my lap, and easily see over them to the computer screen.  This is helpful for me because I like to keep the charts on the computer rather than print them out. or, watch Netflix while I am working on something relatively easy.

I am not sure that I will wear them out in public, however.

shaping the planet with a  new "professional jeweler's lighted magnifying visor."  Oh, I got them on Amazon.

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