Friday, August 23, 2013

Fiber Friday, Can't think of a cute title


Another totally fun Fiber Friday. 

I wasn't early enough to see Tatting Guy.  But Colleen and I had the table to ourselves for a bit.

She has finished her first sweater.  It's a baby sweater that she is planning on donating to charity.  I just love how it came out.

hahaha you can see the shadow of my hand and the camera.

Winterpromise31 has made nice progress on her Trellis Hat.

CathieC was working on her Racing Raindrops.  I tried to get a photo of the beads.
But, it was a bit cloudy, so even under the skylight, my camera did not want to focus.

So I tried again, and then again with the super macro setting.
At least you can see there are beads.

JulieMustKnit came again.  She fits right into the group.  She brought her lovely Union Square Cowl.  The beautiful MadelineTosh Vintage looks washed out in this light, but you can see how nice her stitches are.

I worked on more stitchmarkers.  I have over 30 now. 

We talked a lot about dancing.  

And how much fun the LYS Tour was last spring.  And, how much fun Julie will have visiting yarn shops here.

shaping the planet with lots of stitchmarkers.

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