Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Four of Six Rows Hooked Together

Good morning.

Doc and I are painting at our daughter's rental house this morning, before it gets too hot, and I wanted to get a post up this morning since tonight is Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads.  I know you are all just dying to see what the Graduation Afghan looks like now.

Last night when I went to bed, I had finished hooking together 4 of the 6 rows of squares.  I modified my dc join a bit, and I like the way it looks even more.

Instead of hooking a dc into each a back loop of each square, I hooked a dc2tog.

It went like this:

Hold squares (or rows of squares) together with the wrong sides facing outwards.
YO and insert hook into back loop of one stitch on top square.

Pull through, yo, and pull through 2 loops leaving the dc half finished and 2 loops still on the hook.
Yo and insert hook into back loop of matching stitch on the bottom square.
Make the first half of that dc (pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops leaving 3 loops on the hook).
You can see the original loop, and the 2 half finished dc still on the hook.
YO one more time

 and pull through all 3 loops.
Repeat your way across the two squares.
This is what it looks like on the back side. You can see the ridge.

 Here is the front side.  It is a totally smooth join.
Here is a photo that shows the original dc join (Vertical in white) and the sky blue new dc join.  The light blue join is much cleaner looking.
And here is what the four finished rows look like:
It is huge.

Honestly, why is it so big?  I guess I was thinking about how Pookie is over 6 feet tall.  And, maybe that I would like it to go on a Full Size Bed.  Crazy to be hooking this together in August.  I was getting hot last night with those rows in my lap.  Even in Bellevue.

shaping the planet with 4 rows finished.

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