Monday, August 5, 2013

Baby Baby Baby Baby Shower


We held the epic babies shower last Wednesday, July 31.  This shower was for the 3 moms-to-be in Eastside Stitchers, GwenS, VanesaPolo, and Hrvdmnky (who is expecting twins).  Obviously, I was on crack while taking photos at the event, because they are random, and not very good. It was like this special Christmas where everyone got amazing tiny hand-crafted items.  I say, "hand-crafted," because they were a mix of knit, crochet and sewn items.

I raided my front yard for the hydrangeas.  Skeinherder came early to help set up.
People arrived with gifts in triplicate (and sometimes quadruplicate!) for the 4 expected girls.
Of course we brought our knitting.
But, with all the food,
I saw more people eating and admiring gifts than actually knitting!

It was chaos when the presents were opened.  But I tried to get some quick photos.

There were sweaters:

Some still OTN:

(the babies aren't due for a few months, so there is plenty of time to finish those WIPs.)

yes, this is a Boob Hat


And four amazing quilts:

Someone asked me if there would be "baby shower games."  Of course not.  Between the food, knitting and presents, who had time for games?

 I got a beautiful project bag (sewn by VanesaPolo), with a skein of sock yarn inside in a lovely teal as a thank you gift from the 3 Moms-to-Be.  I would post a photo, but Beena has decided that it makes a good cat bed.

shaping the planet with babies babies babies babies.

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  1. Lots of very nice handmade gifts. There's no accounting for kitties choices of bedding...