Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Baby


No, the photo isn't blurred, it was RAINING today.

I know you are all thinking, f1bercat, you live in the Pacific Northwest where it always rains, and yes, it drizzles a lot here, but today it was pouring.

I spent all yesterday and this morning trying to write up and get a pattern ready to publish.  I had it just about ready, then tried to put in a header, and all of the photos went wonky.  About 10 hours of work down the drain.

I took a break and went to the hospital to visit the two newest Eastside Stitchers, and give Hrvdmnky a ride home.
Elena says, "Just who are you trying to swaddle?" 

She does not like to be pinned down.  Even when fast asleep.

Caroline, on the other hand, heard our whispers and tried... to wake up to say hello,
but, she just couldn't make it.  Growing is very hard work, and girls need their beauty sleep.

Back home after dinner, I was able to straighten out my instructions and photos.  I designed this afghan square last spring,

and wrote up the instructions, but was so busy that I never had time to put the instructions together with photographs, etc.  I am very slow at the graphics part of writing a pattern.  Anyway, when I tried to hook the square again, I could barely follow my own instructions!

I rewrote the instructions as I hooked the square, taking photos when ever I thought I needed further explanation.

The border has changed a bit since the original square.  I designed a "Thorn Border."

With one more row of single crochets, I think the border looks nice and sharp.
I have started a thread in The Testing Pool asking for testers.  If anyone who reads this blog is interested in test hooking the square, please let me know.  The pattern is not up on Ravelry yet, so I will email it to anyone who wants to help.  I want to have as error free a pattern as possible.

I wish I could sleep as soundly as Elena.

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