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I've been filling in the time before leaving for New Jersey with Pookie and the start of the Fall Term for HPKCHC by making tons of stitch markers.

I will be a "Pride Leader" this term.  My house, Gryffindor, is divided into sub groups called "Prides" (get it?  Lions - Prides...).  Each Pride is named for a candy/product invented and sold by Fred and George Weasley's Company, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes.  My Pride last term was the Acid Pops.  I really enjoyed the people in the pride, but our leaders had some real life things that made it hard for them to stay involved the whole term (3 months).  Anyway, I was asked to be a Pride leader this term. 

Of course, I am already nervous about the job.  I tend to start each term out strong, chatting daily in the Pride thread, etc, and as the month/term goes on, and I start to feel the crunch to finish up my projects, I get on Ravelry less and less.  Hanging out in the Pride thread slows down my already slow crafting quite a bit.

But, I am determined to do a good job.  One of the things I have thought to do is to congratulate every Pride member as they turn in their first class each month.  That is the commitment when you join the Cup.  One Class Every Month.  It is a very doable thing as you can turn in something very small, and it is really easy to find a class for just about any possible thing you might make, even 1 hexipuff or a very small bookmark. 

I thought it would be nice to send a card with a Gryffindor Colored stitch marker (or 2) attached.  To this end, I have been making tons of these little flower stitch markers.
But, as I was making them yesterday, I was looking for free patterns on Ravelry, and I found this really cute crocheted butterfly.
The pattern is just genius.  It is called Butterfly Grace, and is by Chrissy.  The original was too big for a stitch marker, so I reworked it using just single crochets,

and eventually got it down to about 1.5 in at it's longest point.

Here it is next to one of the original flower stitch markers.
The flower markers are about 1/2 in. diameter.

So, they are still a bit big for my taste, but it is nice to have one marker that is different to mark the beginning of the round.
I've made a dozen so far.

I think I will need about 20 - 25 for the Pride members.  Maybe everyone will get one butterfly the first month, then 2 flowers the second and third months.

Go!  Acid Pops.

shaping the planet with these super cute butterflies

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