Wednesday, October 30, 2013

R Rated


I'm in a crazy rush.  I'm tutoring today, have knitting tonight, AND still need to pack for Hawaii.  But!  I wanted to show the progress on my first colorwork socks.  The pattern is The Bird and by that the designer, Karen Aida, does NOT mean the beautiful creatures of the class Aves.  She means the kind of  hand gesture that flies when someone is angry.  If you are offended by this symbol, please do not scroll further, as I have finished the first motif and the birds are now visible.

I'm using Serenity Sock and I broke my Knitting From Only Stash Rule to buy it.  These are for my daughter, Moogie - she picked the pattern as I believe she wishes to flip the bird at everyone as she walks along the streets of NYC - and she wanted black and violet.  I had some black, but no violet.  This yarn comes at such a good price, and I wanted to keep the same content within the two yarns, so I bought both black and violet.

There, I hope I have given enough space now that I can show the progress:

Here is a close up of one sock:
ha ha ha ha ha

shaping the planet with birds

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