Thursday, October 24, 2013


Ok, there was no danger.  None at all.

I was all set to go to VanesaPolo's house to meet the lovely Emma, Eastside Stitcher's newest member, when I got a call for a substitute teaching job at the Overlake School in Redmond,WA.

I was to substitute for their foreign language teacher, and teach 3 classes of French and one of Spanish.  I had never been to that campus, but had heard how lovely it is.  They are tucked in the woods on Novelty Hill near the Redmond/Woodenville border.  The campus has these pretty white wooden buildings sprinkled all over this hilly spot with woods all around.

I arrived about 30 minutes early, and parked in what I thought was the parking lot.  It was a gravel lot down below the school with a mulched path leading up the hill.  There was a sign by the path that said, "Path to the School."  I started on the path, and when I came to the corner, I realized that there was way more of the drive leading up the hill further, but, the path seemed to go somewhat along this road, so, I thought, well, I will just walk up and get some exercise.

I walked for a bit, and the path veered off through a grove of trees.  As I was walking, I started to realize that this branch of the path probably was not leading up to the school.  Also, I remembered that at the Substitute Teacher Training, the trainer had mentioned that there had been a black bear spotted at Overlake.  I became immediately aware that the woods that I was hiking through were full of black bears just waiting to attack.  When I saw the road off to my right, I quickly headed for it, whistling loudly so as to scare any bears away.

Whew!  I made it to the road, hiked back to my car, and drove up the drive to the parking lot right next to the Administration Building.

Ok, there were no bears there today.  But, still, there could have been.

shaping the planet safe from bears

p.s. I snuck over to VanesaPolo's house after I got home from work and took a peek at the beautiful Emma.  Beautiful, indeed.

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