Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Working Girl

Crazy week because I have a substitute job for 2 math classes every morning Mon - Thurs (please let the guy make it back Thursday night because I want to go knit Fri morning!).

Monday, I went to work (ha ha ha ha), and the kids were great.  There are 5 in the pre-calc class and only 3 in the Alg II class, and they are pretty on the ball, so I sat at a big table with them and knit while I waited for them to ask for help. 

Tuesday (yesterday), as I was getting ready to leave, the phone rang.  The science teacher had called in sick; could I stay 3 more classes?  I packed a quick lunch, I had made a big pot of Cheater Vegetarian Chili on Monday (more about that later if I have time before work today), so I put some in a plastic bowl, grabbed a plum and a Balance bar, my travel mug with some tea bags, and headed out. 

I knit through the math classes, ate cold chili (I had not noticed there was no microwave), then headed to the science room.  The kids were GREAT!  this was an 8th grade class of 10. The teacher had not planned on being out, so had not left a formal lesson plan.   She called me before the class and gave me a bunch of possible things to do.  The school works on block schedules, so I had to fill 3 hours of Science.  We did a little experiment about air pressure and volume.  We read aloud an article about jobs in "Green Chemistry,"  we planned for individual experiments, we did review worksheets, we read silently from the textbook about the hole in the Ozone layer, and for the last 10 minutes, we played Science hangman.  I went first.

_ _ _ _ _ _

The first student guessed, "O." 
I put up the O. 

O _ _ _ _ _

The second student guessed, "X."
I put up the X.

OX_ _ _ _
The students all rolled their eyes, and the next student guessed, "Oxygen."
ha ha ha ha I was a failure, but they all loved it.

Again, I was able to knit a bit while they read, and so on.  I started what was to be a hat for my nephew, A.  He lives in Arizona, but goes to school in Omaha, so can use knitwear.  His favorite color is red.  I thought I would do another version of the Turn a Square by Jared Flood.

I have made this simple and sharp looking hat twice now, once for Pookie:

And then a five-sided Turn a Pentagon  version for my nephew in Milwaukee, J:
but, in the rush to get out the door, I grabbed only the started hat.  It was at the ribbing stage, so no contrasting yarn.  I just kept going with the red.  So this will be some other hat, my own design, and if it is too "feminine" for A, I will knit him another one later.  I want to give at least one hat to charity a month, so this might be the charity hat.  Or, I have a niece in New Jersey, who has not had the joy of a hat from me, yet.

No photos of it, though, since I am having to adjust to not having a lot of sunlight for photographing.  I am really going to have to set up a light box/studio if I am gone during the daylight.  (I've been saying that for about a year.)

The other big thing this week, even better than Knitting at Work, was that on Monday, I got to visit all three four babies.  No, VanesaPolo had not delivered yet, but she is getting close, and I visited with her, so I'm counting four.

Ellyol and I met up on Sunday so she could drop off some baby gifts and I was the deliveryperson.  I didn't take photos of the gifts, so I will link to Ellyol's project page so you can see how cute they are. 

I stopped at Hrvdmnky and got to hold my namesake, Caroline, (ha ha I know she isn't named for me, but I can pretend...)
while Hrvdmnky started a load of wash.  Elena slept nearby.
Then!  I headed to GwenS's house to visit Addie.
She was fresh from having her daddy change her diaper, and I got to hold her, too.  Such a sweet armful.  We had a wonderful visit.

Then, I stopped by VanesaPolo's house.  No photos there, though I got to see Emma's room and her gorgeous knitwear.  Here's hoping Emma makes her appearance soon.

Heigh Ho!  Heigh Ho!  and all that bother.  Thank goodness tonight is Eastside Stitchers meet up at Crossroads.

shaping the planet from babyland.

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