Sunday, October 27, 2013

Happy Happy Happy


As the sun sets, it reflects off the windows of the houses across Lake Sammamish and onto the surface of the lake.  I was trying to capture some  of our fall "color" for the blog, but it always ends up looking muted.  We have so many beautiful trees and bushes turning all kinds of gorgeous.  But, because we have so many that remain green, Washington isn't called the "Evergreen State" for nothing, I think they can get lost.

As we head deeper into winter, the slant of the sun gives these gorgeous reflections on clearer days.
I have finished my Happypotamus.

This wonderful pattern is by Heidi Bears.  It is not cheap, but for the extensive photo-tutorials, it is worth every penny.  It takes quite a bit to make it, mine is over 350 yds.  The pattern suggests sock yarn, but since I am working from stash, and I have tons of afghan weight acrylic, I used that.  You might recognize the colors from various afghans I have hooked in the last 2 years.
Because I used worsted weight yarn, it is pretty big, as big as my cats.

As he often does, the Doc asked, "who is that for?"

I said, "I have no idea."

I think he is starting to get it and me after 30 years of marriage because he then said, "Ah, you made it to make it?"

And that is right!  When I saw the pattern on Ravelry, I just couldn't resist.
shaping the world from a happy place

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  1. I'm a knitter and my crochet has been limited to edgings, etc. But your happypotamus is so precious that I could be tempted, that is if my queue weren't already so long! Very cute. Love your local scene pics... we lived not far from Lake S back in the day.