Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Unfinished Business

Bag Cat

I have reached the time of the month in HPKCHC where I have all of these unfinished projects.  I have a hat that is almost finished.  These doubleknit wristers:
I have one finished, and the beginning of the second.

Half of a crocheted cowl.

I have finished 4 project bags.
And various squares for Herbology Class, Quidditch and my Arithmancy OWL.

There are 9 days left in the month.  I need to absolutely crank to get everything finished.  I need to finish the 2nd wrister and the cowl, as well as some spinning.  I was hoping to make 2 hats, but might have to be satisfied with one.  I am on the decreases, so if I can just cast off tomorrow, I can cast on one more hat.

I didn't get called in to work yesterday or today for substitute teaching so I was able to craft.  I did tutor for 3 hours today.  I just love my students this quarter.  They are all so interesting, and hard working.

I have two students who are taking developmental English classes for non-native speakers.  They are struggling with writing in English, especially.  They have such good ideas, but English is so hard to spell, even for native speakers! 

My other two students are in Math.  There are few college degrees you can get if you can't pass pre-calc.  These students are both in Algebra.  They still have to take College Algebra (Alg II).  Again, they are eager to learn, and really hard workers.  If you don't have good fraction skills, algebra is a nightmare.  Fractions, and knowing your multiplication tables and how to divide.

shaping the planet with cats

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