Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eastside Stitchers: Ever Expanding


I'm not sure if you can tell by this photo, but Muffin is totally covering a heater vent.  Heat Hog!

Tonight was the regular Wednesday meet up for Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads in Bellevue.  I know I have written this before, but one of the wonderful things about meeting at Crossroads is that we are out in public, and we sometimes meet new members.  This happened tonight.

Skeinherder and I were there a bit early.  A woman walked by and stopped to comment that she knit continental, too (that is my method).  We began chatting, and she also said that she was a combination knitter.  Well!  we have two combination knitters in the Eastside Stitchers.  Ms Wiz arrived at this moment, and as she is one of our combination knitters, the woman, ImPained, sat down to chat a bit.  She might come back next week.

Then, we had two new people show up at the table.

Pam2 had just joined the group on Ravelry.  I don't think that Domesticshorthair had joined officially, but she definitely found us on Ravelry and decided to check us out.  With our new mothers (congratulations again to VanesaPolo, GwenS, and Hrvdmnky) out for a bit, our group was now only filling one table.  Well, that ended tonight.  So, who was at Crossroads, and what were they knitting?

Skeinherder was working on her Footies in Malabrigo.  It is the Malabrigo Stockpile event this month, and she is busy knitting and finishing all the Malabrigo projects possible.
Crunchynumbers brought her Hermione's Everyday Socks.  This easy texture pattern is working perfectly with the variegated yarn she is using.

Wireknitter brought a beautiful cowl for Show and Tell.  The pattern is Let's Twist by Susan Ashcroft.
She also brought her current shawl project, Windward.

Ms. Wiz brought the beginning of a lace shawl.  It is Ishbel by Isolde Teague.

This horrible photo is of the hat that Pam2 was starting.
The pattern is Slick.

 Tara1682 brought her 2nd Bias Before and After scarf.
DomesticShorthair brought a pair of mittens that she was starting.
Wajio brought a pair of socks she is knitting.  She dyed the yarn herself from a sock blank.
JulieMust knit  brought her beautiful Antarktis.  Although Julie had to tink a bit tonight, you can still see how lovely it is.
A wonderful time was hat by all.

shaping the planet with fiber friends.

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