Friday, October 25, 2013

Yay! Fiber Friday, Again


I might have had a call to go in and sub, but I fumbled the answer on my little non-smart phone, so I didn't get it, and instead.. HAD to go to Fiber Friday at Crossroads.

It was so much fun.  First of all, CathieC texted me, "If you aren't in Hawaii or teaching, come knit!"

That is the perfect text to get on a Friday morning as you are packing up your knitting projects and heading out.

When I got to Crossroads, the mall was open, but not the stores, so I walked around (I usually park behind Jo-Ann's and walk through) to a Mall entrance and as I got to the center under the big skylight, I saw Cathie.  Yay!

We were soon joined by CodyJunk, JulieMustKnit, and Wajio.  Yes, Wajio is on vacation this week, and what better vacation than knitting at Crossroads with your  buddies?

CodyJunk says that she finished some really cute Halloween toys, but... forgot to bring them for Show and Tell.  She did bring a hat that she was knitting:
The other projects are all things we have been working on but ... have we made progress?

Wajio brought the vanilla socks she is making with her home-dyed yarn.  She started these quite a while (cough cough a year cough cough) ago. She has learned the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist.  Wajio decided that she wanted to use this heel on her socks.  She has spent the last few SnB's tinking to where the heels should begin.  Today, she was working on her foot measurement.
I expect real progress next Wednesday night.

JulieMustKnit has also been going backwards a bit with her beautiful Antarktis by KallioKnits.  We have suggested both "lifelines," and "stitch markers." 
It is a super pretty pattern.

CathieC brought her Racing Raindrops.  And look look look!  She is really on the home stretch:
I brought the Double-Knit wristers I have been knitting.  I got the book, Extreme Double-Knitting by Alasdair Post-Quin, in the bag I won during the 2013 North Puget Sound LYS Crawl.  These wristers aren't really a pattern in the book.  I was practicing the circular technique with the diamond pattern he provides and decided to just make two of them and call them wristers! 
I knit the first one with the blue as the outside color, then the second with the white as the outside color.  I was able to finish them at Crossroads and cast off.

shaping the planet with twice the thickness

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