Friday, October 11, 2013

Fiber Friday out of the rain

It's really nice to get out of the house on a gray morning and head out to Crossroads to meet friends for knitting.

CathieC beat me to the mall.  She was working on her Racing Raindrops shawl.  She has made some nice progress and is well on her way in the decrease section.  She left for yoga before I got my camera out.

CodyJunk brought a beautiful cowl, Sugarplum by Kate Gagnon Osborn  It has a lace bottom and a garter stitch top.  We had a chance to help her decide if she was finished or not.

Winterpromise31 brought her finished Twisted Trellis Hat for Show and Tell.You can really see the pattern through the variegated yarn.

She has started a baby blanket.  The lace edge is quite lovely, but not so open that it would be a problem for a baby's fingers.

Constance49 is also working on a Racing Raindrops scarf.  She is using a striping yarn with a long repeat.  It looks very different from CathieC's.
JulieMustKnit has finished her lovely Union Square Cowl, buttons and all.  She did not bring it in for show and tell (sob), but I stalked her Ravelry page, and she has some lovely photos of it there.  She did  bring a baby sweater that she has almost finished.  Quick knitter.
All in all, a wonderful time out of the rain.

shaping the planet while dry.

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