Monday, October 21, 2013

Mosaic Madness


Since I did not have to work yesterday, I was able to KNIT KNIT KNIT and I finished my Mosaic Socks. 
I used the Mosaic Pattern from the Sock Knitter's Workshop by Ewa Jostes and Stephanie van der Linden. 
This book is organized into different toes, different heels, etc.  Then they have some patterns.  The heels for this pattern is a "Peasant Heel."  You start at the top, and knit a tube.  When you get to where you want the heels to start, you knit half a round with waste yarn and continue on.  But, now there is an instep (top of the foot), and a sole, bottom of the foot. 

According to the directions, after you finish the toes, you go back and knit the heels, first carefully taking out the waste yarn, and picking up the live stitches.  I really wanted to make sure these fit, so I left the socks on the needles when I got to where I thought the toes might begin, then I took out the waste yarn and picked up the live stitches, with a size 0 needle to be sure the heels were a tight fabric.  I was using size 1 needles since I didn't want to make the slip stitches for the mosaic too tight.

I also made the heels a bit longer than the pattern called for.  This makes them kind of funny looking when they aren't on the blockers, but they hug my heels nicely.
The heels themselves are really easy.  You basically knit them like toes, decreasing until you kitchener the final stitches together.

The dark blue yarn is Berroco Comfort, and the yellow/green variegated is a KnitPick sock blank that I dyed last summer.

They fit perfectly.

shaping the planet with mirrors.

 P. S.  Welcome to Emma!  Born just after midnight.  Our newest Eastside Stitcher.

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