Saturday, March 2, 2013

Posting from Tucson

Hello, from Tucson.

I'm down in Arizona to watch my son, Himes, dance.  This is a super quick post because I am having so much fun with my nieces and nephews, that I don't have much time to spend on the computer. 

I did bring down a bit of yarn and my sock needles.  I have cast on my first pair of March socks.   The challenge for Sock Knitters Anonymous this month is "Man Socks."  The color for SolidSocks is Orange.  Not necessarily a good match.  But, since my youngest son, Pookie, will be going to Princeton next fall, and their colors are Black and Orange, he actually wants a pair of Orange socks.

I am making him socks called Karl's Socks, by Claire Ellen.  Here is my cast on Photo:

I am altering the socks to make them toe up.  This photo was taken at my in-laws' new house.  Well, their soon-to-be-finished new house.

I made 2 quick projects to turn in for the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup with some Red Caron's One Pound that I also brought with me on this trip, but otherwise, I have no yarn.  This would not be a problem, except that my family in California called yesterday, and asked if I could come to help next week.  I will not fly back home on Monday as planned,  Instead I will fly from Phoenix to Orange County, spend a week there while my brother has a special operation, THEN fly home. 

I need to buy yarn and possibly needles.

Time for me to go to bed.  The dance show was so wonderful, but I am super tired.

I'm just going to post photos of the 2 pair of socks I finished last month:

Improvised Crossings
And Smaug:
I am very proud of how both of these pairs of socks came out.

shaping the planet with dragon scale socks

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  1. I love both pairs of your finished socks!! The patterns are really cool!!