Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finished my first Sock Madness Socks

I think these are more the Preliminary Round for Sock Madness.  The deal is that if you finish one full sock by March 20, or 2 socks through the heel (I think), although you won't be placed on a team (I think you need to finish both socks for that), you have made a good faith effort to finish the socks, and so you still get the sock patterns.

I have never finished a pair of socks in less than 2 weeks.  I think you can see why I was a bit nervous, though, I knew I could at least finish 1 sock.  But, I don't just want the patterns, I want to actually compete.  My goal has been to NOT get eliminated in the first round. 

Of course the preliminary socks pattern were released while I was in California.  I didn't have sock yarn, though I did bring an extra circular sock needle, just in case.  I bought some Crazy Zauberball in a pretty blue-green colorway

cast  on,  the pattern is Sockdolager by Adrienne Fong,
and knit as much as I could.

Since I was knitting monogamously on this project,
I managed to make real progress
every day.
Yesterday, I forgot my camera and had to take the photo with my phone:
Today, I knit on the plane home, then, I waited to take the photo when I had finished SEWING THE TOES!
I'm not even sure which thread I submit the photo, so I submitted it 2 different threads. 

They really fit.  They have a Twisted German Cast on, and a Fleegle Heel.  Both were new to me.  The heel was very easy, and saves you from picking up stitches on the heel flap.

I like the colors of the yarn, and how the blues pooled.  The pattern was very easy to memorize.

Wow, it is good to be home.

Stitch night tomorrow.

shaping the world with new socks!
Naughty and Fluffy help with the photos

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  1. Love the color of these socks. Congratulations on getting them finished in time.