Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Babies, Bags, and Good-Byes


It's Wednesday, so it must be Eastside Stitchers Night.

We had a very big night at Crossroads in Bellevue, WA.  Our member, Redbird1, had learned that she was moving back to that other Eastside, the East Coast  of the United States, so we planned a bit of a goodbye party for tonight.  Also, We had our project bag exchange planned for tonight. But, before we got started, there were 2 exciting announcements.

Eastside Stitchers is GROWING.  GwenS and Hrvdmnky are both pregnant, and the babies are due 1 day apart.  Of course, all of the chat turned to baby patterns and possible projects. A joint baby shower is being planned, all right, it's  in the very early stages, so watch for a thread on that.  August is the projected month.

Then, we got down to stitching.  Who was there, and more importantly, what were they stitching?

Last Monday evening, some of us attended the Eastside Knitters Guild meeting.  There was a fun program where we learned how to knit a "Potato Chip Scarf."  This is a free pattern on Ravelry.  Tonight, 2 people were working on their scarves.

CathiC was using some Vanna's Choice Yarn for hers.

and, Wajio was using some no name silk/alpaca/merino blend.
They are both at the very beginning where the scarf looks a bit like a bowtie.

Colleen was making great progress on a lovely light purple baby blanket. The color is way washed out, but you can really see the pattern in the photo.

Wireknitter is test knitting a beautiful pattern by Stitchnerd, also known as Susan Ashcroft.  it is the Linen Boomerang Scarf and is not available yet.  The photo isn't great, but the scarf is really beautiful.  The yarn is Koigu.

Skeinherder was busy with one of her many many many Malabrigo March projects, her Donnie's Hat, by Tracey Grzegorczyk.  I am making the same hat. 

Ellyol was knitting a Hitchhiker shawl, by Martina Behm, out of the beautiful Apple Blossom colorway from Huckleberry Knits.

Hrvdmnky is still working on her socks.  She is improvising the pattern, and has made it to the second sock.
VanesaPolo is making great progress on her latest hat design in Yak Yarn.  When she is finished, she will be posting the pattern on Ravelry for free. I will be sure to let you know when that happens, and provide a link.
Anerenbe was knitting a triangular shawl.  The pattern is Yvaine by Liz Abinante.  The yarn is the Periwinkle Sheep sock yarn she got on our little 4 store trip to Bellingham last September.

GwenS is making a baby sweater.  The pattern is the Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater, and since it is Malabrigo March, the yarn is Malabrigo Rios.

Chockelet was knitting her final project for Malabrigo March, a Curiosity by Barbara Benson.  The yarn is Malabrigo Arroyo in the Plomo (gray) colorway.

Tara1682 has made real progress on the lovely Cloisters Wrap she is knitting for her Grandmother.

That covers the knitting.  I did not take photos of all of the little gifts for Redbird1, but, I did want to show the stitch markers that Tara made.  Our Redbird1 is quite the fan of the University of Alabama.  Tara found a charm bracelet on line that had charms that represented the school and its championship football team.  She took it apart, and made the charms into stitchmarkers.
Such a clever and fun idea, and the marker came out beautifully.  Redbird1 was stunned.

On to the project bag exchange. 

There were 5 finished bags, and one materials offering (with the promise of a bag to come).  We randomly selected the number 3, then passed the bags to the right 3 times.  I got the material (from Redbird1) and the promise of a bag from her.  I was with Redbird1 when she got the material at Maker's Merchantile last month.  I just love the colors and can't wait to see what she sews up.

Skeinherder's bag:

My bag:

MsWiz's bag:  (she was too sick to join us, but had sent her bag in for the exchange)
 VanesaPolo's bag:

Chockelet's bag.

None of the bags were in the exact same style.  It was pretty cool to see the different designs, as well as the very different material choices.  I think we should do this again in a few months.

I made mine from a pattern in the Bag Making Bible by Lisa Lam.  The one in the book was a bit big, so I reduced the pattern to 75% size.  I love how it came out.  One more photo of the bag I made, with a cat model (Beena).

A really fun and full night.

shaping the planet with great stitch buddies.

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