Monday, March 18, 2013

After My Epic Fail


Spring is coming.

I have not posted since last week.  Not because I wasn't knitting or crocheting (or sewing!).  Not because I didn't have any decent photos  (this time).  Not because I didn't have anything to write about.  But because I am frantically knitting, crocheting and sewing.  So much so that I am drooping with fatigue at night, and just too busy during the day to stop and post.

Of course, this post should then be a really nice long one with lots of photos, but, it won't be.  You see, I am simply drooping with fatigue. I did want to explain the stitching frenzy that has me so busy.

It is a combination of Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) and Sock Madness.  Since I finished the preliminary round socks for Sock Madness, and am waiting to be put on a team, and then have the first round sock challenge, I am trying to clear up as many WIP's as possible.  This means finishing my HPKCHC assignments. 

The deadline for the Sock Madness prelim socks is March 20.  After that cutoff date, the teams will be set.  I don't know how long that takes, or how long it will take after that for the first sock pattern to be released, and frantic sock knitting to begin.  I don't want to still be knitting or crocheting class assignments, or even worse, my bigger HPKCHC projects, such as my Transfiguration OWL (an afghan) or my BROOM (4 socks). 

The biggest points projects for my house (Gryffindor, ROAR!) are the OWL and the BROOM.

I have finished all but 2 squares for the OWL:
I will have to crochet some type of border; thank goodness I did not specify what. 

I have finished 3 pair of socks for the BROOM.  I turned 2 singles with mini-socks for classes last month

The BROOM needs 4 socks.  They can be 2 pair, but I think I will get bonus points if the socks don't match.  I have my finished preliminary round socks from Sock Madness, sockdolager, by BellybuttonKnits. 
I can use these 2, or, I can finish the "Orange Man Socks" that I am frantically knitting for my son Pookie for the SKA/SolidSocks March challenges. 

I am in the process of turning the heels on these,

so it is entirely possible that I will finish them before the next Sock Madness challenge begins.  Luckily, Pookie wants short legs (he wears size 12, so thank goodness he does not want high legs!).  I will probably knit the required 3" and stop.

If I can bop out another pair of baby socks, mini socks, I can submit socks for the last 2 classes.  I have also knit a small dragonfly because one of the classes has a prompt to craft something with wings (I think it is Flying).  I don't have a photo of that yet because I need to try to block the wings.

I have also been sewing.  I have a HPKCHC exchange in progress as well as an upcoming Gift Bag Exchange with my dear stitching buddies, the Eastside Stitchers.

But, as soon as I got out the sewing machine, Doc asked me to do a bit of sewing for him.  Just a tiny bit.  He wears lab coats to work, and wanted some side slits put in so he could put his hands through the lab coat to his pants pockets.
Since I don't have a serger, I had to zigzag, but he seemed very happy with the result.
I haven't finished the bag for Eastside Stitchers, but I did make a little bag I might include in my HPKCHC exchange.

In fact, if I don't get moving, this little bag might be all I craft for this exchange.  I have fabric for a second bag.  We shall see.

Anyway, lots and lots of sock knitting, and long long man socks, in addition to frantic afghan hooking and some sewing.

Just not a lot of writing about it.

shaping the world with a new project bag.

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