Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Eastside Stitchers Move to the Middle


Eastside Stitchers met at Crossroads Mall tonight.  But, when the first people arrived, they discovered that some OTHER people were sitting at our usual tables.  So, we moved to tables at the middle of the Mall.  We all agreed that the light was better at the new location.  It was a bit loud, though.  We were able to get 2 of the large round tables which was key because we had a fair size group.

Vanesapolo was wearing her beautiful Summer Flies Shawl, knit in Madelinetosh Pashmina.

She was working on the charity baby blanket she is knitting.

Skeinherder needs some free needles.  After all, it is March Madness in only "two more sleeps," as she would say.  She was finishing a WIP Christmas Illusion washcloth, so she can use the circular needle it is on for a Malabrigo project in the Malabrigo Junkies' Malabrigo March KAL/CAL month of craziness.

 GwenS and Anerenbe were back from their visit to Stitches West.

GwenS was working on a baby sweater, in Mad Tosh Tart.  I had inadvertently written this as Malabrigo, because I have Malabrigo on the brain with the Madness starting tomorrow, and knowing that GwenS is perhaps the maddest of us all (though Skeinherder is giving her a run for that title this year.).  The pattern is the Antler Cardigan by tincanknits.  There is a very lucky baby out there.
Anerenbe was finishing up some fingerless mitts.  At least I think they are fingerless.  There is an afterthought thumb, but I'm not sure about the fingers.  And this photo is horrible, as my camera did not like the color of her yarn.
You can see where the thumb will go.

Redbird1 was wearing her beautiful Zuzu's Petals Cowl.

She had brought in a quilt for show and tell.  This quilt is her very first.
Redbird1 was knitting the Purl Ridge Cowl by Stephen West.  And, she finished it tonight.

WireKnitter was wearing her Integrali Shawl by Susan Ashcroft over an anonymous sweater.

She was knitting a Coast Starlight Shawl.

I am seeing a definite color theme for WireKnitter.

Wajio, having finished her Crimple Socks, was back to work on her Shur'tugal by Alice Yu.

She brought a triangle project bag for Show and Tell.

Colleen was hard at work on some of her Charity Headbands.  She managed to finish up two of them tonight.

Chockelet brought a lot of show and tell.
First she had finished and blocked her Wrap Me Up.
She brought some of the project bags she had been working on:

Chockelet was knitting a Linen Stitch Scarf.  Not sure how many times she has cast this on.  It is more than 2, though.
Hrvdmnky was beginning a three color scarf

of her own design.

That's it for tonight.  Tomorrow morning, I will be flying down to watch my son dance at the Univ. of Arizona.  I hope to post from Tucson.

Shaping the planet here in Washington.

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