Monday, March 4, 2013

Out of Town Post


This photo was an attempt to capture the amazing sunset I saw as I was being driven from Tucson to Phoenix on Sunday night.

That being said, I am no longer in Tucson or Phoenix.  I am in Southern California for a week.  It has been crazy.

Last Thursday, I flew down to Arizona to watch my son, Himes, dance in the University of Arizona's Dance Show, Premium Blend.  This show had 6 dances.  The first was George Balanchine's Rubies.  The University of Arizona is only the second university that has been granted permission to perform this piece, and, if I say so, they did a wonderful job.  The rest of the pieces in the show were choreographed by the teachers.  They were really fun to watch.  This is the first show I have seen there, and I was very impressed.

But that isn't why I am in So. Calif.  I had planned to fly back to Washington today.  Friday night, while I was watching the performance, I got a text.  When I checked my phone during intermission, I read that my brother needed me to get to California.  He had qualified for an operation to extend his breathing.  For anyone new to my blog, my brother has been diagnosed with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.  Last summer, I spent a month helping at his house when his wife had to do some military training.  Anyway, we found out about a week ago, that he had qualified for a special diaphragm pacemaker to help with his breathing.  They were told on Friday, that the operation would take place on Wednesday.  My sister-in-law will need to be with him at the hospital, so I will stay at the house and take care of their three kids. 

I was able to change my flight back to Washington, and head out to California instead.  I am so excited for my brother.  ALS is just a series of bad news.  Bit by bit things get worse.  It is so wonderful to have something positive happen.

That's all I will say tonight.  It seems frivolous to discuss my lack of fiber (I was only supposed to be gone for 4 days), so I will save that for tomorrow.

Keep my brother in your thoughts, especially on Wednesday.

shaping the world from my sister's house.

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