Sunday, March 24, 2013

Round 2 cont.


Editing this one more time to add the photos. The top photo was where I left off Saturday night.

10:15 am   Heel flaps finished, beginning the turns.

almost noon, turns finished, both gussets picked up, and first sock gusset knitting begun.

4:45 pm, finished the gussets and starting down the first foot.

Sorry, this next photo is has horrible lighting because I took it at about 11:30 pm. I needed to turn in my 4 socks for my BROOM (Order of the Phoenix Mission) for HPKCHC, and I needed a photo of the last 2 socks together, which are the socks for Sock Madness, Rounds 1 and 2.  I had hoped to use one of the Orange Man Socks, but those aren't quite finished as I had to set them aside and knit Round 2 socks.  Anyway, I have finished one of the Round socks, and am on the foot of the 2nd.  Here is the BROOM turn in photo. 
Pretty cool looking sock!  even in the bad light.

I need to get some sleep, but, I should finish up the 2nd one easily tomorrow.  I should be in plenty of time to qualify for Round 3.

shaping the planet with a completed BROOM and 1 finished Round 2 Sock.
Rest In Peace, Coby
This last photo is in honor of GwenS's cat Coby.  He was much loved.

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