Thursday, March 7, 2013



I am truly blessed in my friends.  Thank you to everyone who has texted or messaged me with support in this tough time.  It really helps.  The situation does not change one bit, but it is so much easier to bear, knowing that I have such good friends. 

I should be back in Washington late Tuesday and at the next Wednesday Stitch night.

Also, thank goodness for fiber.

Round 1 of Sock Madness has begun, and through all of the stress of my brother's homecoming today, I just knit.

I don't know if these socks will carry the bad memories of the failed operation, or if they will remind me that stitch by stitch, we can make it through hard times.  I hope it is the later.  And, I am really glad I have my knitting to keep my hands and mind busy.


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