Wednesday, March 20, 2013

One Table


Tonight was supposed to be a smaller night for Eastside Stitchers.  One thing, of the many, that I love about this group is that the members are thoughtful.  When people know they will not be able to make it to stitching, or that they will be late, they usually leave some message on our group site, and we sometimes run a thread for this type of message.  Tonight, Redbird1 was out of town, Skeinherder was barely back IN town, but way too tired to come, GwenS has some lame excuse... Ha! just kidding, she had the very good reason that she had a meeting for her high school charity activity, and Hrvdmnky was just not able to attend. 

It's nice to know when people can't make it because then you don't worry when they don't show up.  Ok, I don't worry (I'm such a MOM sometimes).  Also, it gives us an idea of how many tables we need to grab.  Since we knew we would be missing 4 people, we only took 1 table.  We totally filled it.  If one more person had come, it would have been overflow time.

For a bit we did look as though we might need a 2nd table.  A new face stopped at the table.  "Jan" had stopped at the Starbucks and saw a group of knitters.  She pulled up a chair, pulled out her knitting, and sat and chatted with us for about an hour while she knit and drank her Starbucks.  It was fun to meet her.  We might see her at Eastside Knitters Guild this Monday evening.

Vanesapolo was working on lots and lots of swatches.  She decided to check the Vogue Knitting Live site to see if she had any homework to prepare for the two knitting classes she is taking at the convention.  The answer was yes, why yes, Vanesa, you have TONS of knitting homework for these two classes. 
Vanesa was knitting many swatches in a light color with various stitch patterns.   Boring.  She did bring 2 different FOs for show and tell.

Her second Wingspan.  This will be a gift for her mom.
She also brought her Mitred Mittens.  The pattern is by Elizabeth Zimmerman, the yarn, Malabrigo Rios, and I gave her the yarn in our Christmas Gift Exchange last December. The mittens are very pretty.
Wajio was using some Berroco yarn that she picked up in our Eastide Stitchers Yarn Exchange.

She has just begun to knit a Limonade by Corinne Ouillon.  This is a very open pattern.  I can't wait to see how it comes out.
Colleen is finished with her headbands for a bit, and was back to knitting baby blankets.  This soft fluffy white one is in a garter stitch, and will be donated to charity, of course.

CathiC was back to work on her Frankenhat.  She is using 2 different hat patterns, putting them together to make her own hat. 

CathiC is using Vanna's Choice Yarn, and has found 1 knot so far. 

Tara1682 was knitting the beautiful Cloisters Wrap that is to be a gift for her Grandmother.
She is a bit beyond the 50% mark.  Tara was wearing her beautiful Peacock Shawlette by Kitman Figueroa.

Chockelet was working on a Malabrigo March project.  She is knitting Frostlight by Robin Ulrich in Malabrigo Rios in the Piedras colorway.

Anerenbe was knitting on a Triangle Shawl.  she is using her Periwinkle Sheep yarn that she bought on our Bellingham mini LYS Yarn crawl.

People who were missing, we did indeed miss you.

People who were knitting, thank you for letting me document your work.

New Jan, it was so nice to meet you.

Hope to see you at Crossroads Mall soon.

shaping the planet with a table full of fiber fun.

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