Friday, January 11, 2013

Eastside Stitchers STEEK! Video Proof!


Horrible weather today and yesterday; that Pacific Northwest thing we get, where the temperature hovers right about freezing, but really just a few degrees above.  So we get sleet and some flurries, but it doesn't stick, then it's slushy, then freezing overnight when it dips to just below freezing, so we are all sliding around and falling down.  Then it warms to just above freezing during the day, but in the shady spots, it is still frozen.  And now it's all slushy again, and then it will freeze again over night.  It feels really cold.  But there is no snow to play in.  Welcome to our winter.

However, when I ran out on the deck to get a photo of the hills since the clouds had mostly lifted after the fog of this morning:
I saw a bluejay on our hedge.  I know that photo is a bit blurry, but,  a Bluejay!  I just love them.

This morning the "LoL" part of Eastside Stitchers (Ladies of Leisure, though we would be happy to have any men stitchers in the area join us) met to knit and eat brunch (that was me), and STEEK! a gorgeous vest at Crossroads Mall.

Who was there, and what were they stitching?

Redbird1 brought the most gorgeous show and tell. A Linen Stitch Scarf from Churchmouse Yarn and Teas. 
She is ready to trim the fringe, and then, all finished.  This is the 3rd or 4th? scarf knit by a member of our group.  I am thinking that I really need to knit one.  They are just beautiful.

Redbird1 was just beginning an Eternity Cardigan by her fiber-bff, Jared Flood.  She is using Shelter yarn, in the Soot colorway.

We had a new stitcher this morning! CodyJunk joined us at the big round table in the middle of Crossroads, right under the skylight.  It is so nice to make new fiber friends, and CodyJunk fit right in.  She was working on a  scarf, with the somewhat horrible name:  Halloween Pumpkin Orange Cable Scarf by Isle Gardenia.  CodyJunk's was just lovely in Cascade 128.

Skeinherder was finishing up her Snug as a Bug Sleep Sack by Robyn Devine.  She is knitting this in Ohio State colors.  I especially like how she did the graduated stripes.
That button on the "sack" looks just like a Buckeye.

Vanesapolo finished her Wingspan this morning.  She had to take apart her gauge swatch to have enough yarn for the bind off!  She used up the last of the Noro from her Strata Sphere.

She also brought her vest to steek.  This is her own design, and will be posted soon at her site on Ravelry.

She showed us how she had prepared the vest for steeking.  The vest was knit in the round.
 She wanted armholes.  So had crocheted 2 rows catching in the stitches near where she planned to cut so they wouldn't unravel.

And then she.... CUT HER KNITTING  (Just a warning, it was a bit loud at Crossroads that morning, and my camera picked up all of the noise, so turn down the volume before you watch this)


Isn't it amazing?

shaping the planet with brave stitching buddies.

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