Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Still Sick, But I have a MOUSE to share


No Bike Ride again today.  Tomorrow, I plan to hobble slowly around the block if it is not raining.  I almost feel like I could make it to the Y and slowly pedal for 15 - 30 minutes or so, but really, if I were exercising there, and someone like me came in with a hacking cough, I would be pretty afraid I would get the flu.  My poor husband, the Doc, is sitting in his chair right now, coughing and (maybe it's my imagination) looking pointedly in my direction.  I hope he doesn't get the violent chills and body aches that I had on  Easter night.

I did make another try at a real mouse, not an R.O.U.S.  I just couldn't get the mouse small enough, no matter how tightly I crocheted it.  I checked the back of the book, and it seems these authors are using the English crochet terminology, not the American terminology.  So, what they call a dc (double crochet) is for me a SINGLE CROCHET!

I used a different beige yarn, but it was the same weight at the first 2 tries.  So, the first try has Double Crochets and a different size hook.  I'm not sure what I used, but it is probably a US size F or a 3.75mm.  The second try I dropped down to a US size C 2.75 mm hook, used the same yarn, and Double Crochets.  In the last one I used the small hook, the 2.75 mm the same size yarn, and Single Crochets.

I have this funny mouse family.  Ok, the eyes are too big.  I'm still working out the bugs!

Getting to bed early again tonight.  Please take care, wash your hands a lot.  Stay well.


shaping the planet one mouse family at a time

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