Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make New Friends but Keep the Old


Eastside Stitchers 2012.04.04

Yay!  I snuck out of my legion's fort defense, and went to knitting tonight.  There were 4 of the "regulars" at Crossroads Mall . AND!  3 of the "old" Eastside Stitchers who have moved north drove down and joined us for the evening.  They were so much fun.

Who was there?  and, (the important thing) what were they knitting?

MsWiz was knitting a "green blob." (that is her description, honestly)

Colleen was cranking away on another delicious looking mint green baby blanket

Chockelet brought some extremely yummy fiber that she had combined and processed in her new drum carder, as well as some gorgeous looking art fiber, but I only got a photo of this beautiful scarf

Angelvet, one of the  returning Eastside Stitchers, was starting a dog sweater

Ecogryff brought some socks she was designing

and, Tassereine had a green baby sweater

While we were all there, LM from Spokane stopped by our table in the corner.  She was walking through, and her knitting radar had picked us up.  She didn't stop to knit, but was wearing a ruffled scarf

 Allifer stopped by for the last 30 minutes after work.  She brought the new placemat she was hooking

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Today, I got back on the bike and told myself, "slow down, f1bercat.  You can do it."  And, I did it.  I knitted 8.29 miles.  Of course, it took me 45 minutes.  But I was alive and knitting at the end of the ride.  I think I have a bit of a cold.  That might explain the lack of energy.  Or, staying up until midnight to do a Besh Temple run with my legion mates in Aion might explain it.  (Sorry, non-gamers for the gaming talk).

I have not reached the next yarn shop, but I am close.  And I reached my goal of 8.25 miles. I would like to knit faster, but not at the expense of the miles.

Here I am, near Kelso, WA:

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Ugh!  I am not sure why, but I can't get the big map again.

Well, I will just say then, that I am making progress.

Sleep well.
shaping the planet one great knitting group at a time

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