Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Biking (Knitting) Accident

An older woman gets on the exercise bike next to me this morning and says, "I could never knit AND ride one of these things.  It would be way too hard."

I say,"O, I only bring simple thing to knit, so I don't have to concentrated."

She says, "I can see the stitch markers, so that is not uncomplicated."

I say, "I have this pattern memorized now, so it's pretty easy."

FAMOUS LAST WORDS!  By the next row, I was so messed up that I actually put my knitting down and just rode the bike for 5 minutes.

I did not reach my goal of 8.25 miles knitted.  I stopped at 7 miles and only 32 minutes.  I was so mad at myself. 

Those 7 miles put me at 147.03 miles.

Here is my trip with all of the stops:

And here I am on the big map:

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I don't have much knitting/crochet to report on.  I am still working on the red sweater, my snuggly socks, and some amigurumi.  I hope to be able to post WIP photos tomorrow or Thursday.  I plan to meet up with the Eastside Stitchers tomorrow.  I will bring my camera, and maybe I will have some nice photos of THEIR work.

Good night
shaping the planet one messed up sleeve at a time

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