Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still Sick 2


Still too sick to ride the bike, did not even try to walk around the block although it was not raining this morning, just gray.  It did rain pretty hard for a bit this afternoon.  Anyway, all my photos today are dark from the clouds.

My cat is much better.

My husband, the Doc, is not.

And, I am missing my stitch buds at Eastside Stitchers!  I really wanted to drag myself to group tonight, but did NOT want to pass this flu on to the gang.

Since I was sick, I finished the taxes, YAY!  and knit something sunny and extra yummy to take my mind off the coughing and nose blowing.

I finished the rolled cuff and first repeat of my Lyra Socks by DXM Patterns or DeusXMachina on .Ravelry.  The yarn is Superwash Yummy Sock by Miss Babs in Squash Blossom.  And wow, this yarn is simply luscious to knit.

I am really enjoying these socks.  The stitch definition is amazing.  And, after knitting so many darker yarns this winter, the yellow is a piece of sunshiny joy.  So easy on my eyes.  I can actually count where I am.

I hope to finish up the legs this week and be on the heels by the weekend, early next week at the latest anyway.

Again, it's and early bedtime for me.  I'm still super tired every day, but going to bed earlier and earlier.  Oh well, the flu stinks.

shaping the planet one yummy sock at a time.

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