Monday, April 9, 2012

No Bike Ride Today... Too Sick With The Flu

I'm dying.  Ok, I'm not really dying, but I feel like it.  I have the flu for the first time in about 20 years and it feels horrible!  I'm actually a bit better today.  Last night as we were watching Easter Parade (one of my family's favorite Easter traditions) the sore throat and irritating cough morphed into body aches and chills with violent shaking, and I really thought I needed to go to the hospital.  I am never sick.  I guess I forgot what it feels like.  It stinks.

Anyway, no bike ride for me today, and until I have energy.

I am going to post some of the new WIP's I cast on last friday.  Then get to bed early.

1. Subtle Socks

These are for the SolidSocks and Sock Knitters Anonymous Groups on Ravelry.  The challenge for SKA is socks with a Literary Theme.  The SolidSocks color for April is yellow.  I am making Lyra's Socks by DXM Patterns (she is DeusXMachina on Ravelry).  They are based on the main character from Phillip Pullman's wonderful His Dark Materials trilogy.

I am using my new Miss Bab's Yummy Superwash Sock yarn in Squash Blossom.  It is indeed YUMMY!  Super wonderful feel as I knit.

I am knitting them 2aaT on size 2 Addi Turbo Lace Needles.  I have also added 4 stitches since I want these to fit over my heels.

2. Wedding Fish

Rather than make my nephew A socks for his wedding in June (I am giving his bride to be the Snuggly Socks), I decided to make him a fish hat!  He is an avid fisherman; has loved fishing since he was a kid.  I have loved this pattern since our good friend Jenknotsed8 from Eastside Stitchers  brought her fish hat project one Wednesday.  The pattern is called Fish Hat [Dead or Alive?] by Thelma Egberts and was first published in Knitty, Winter 2008.  I am knitting the lips in Red Cascade 220.  I have some Orange Cascade 220 but I think I might look for some other colors if I have enough energy to go shopping tomorrow or Wednesday, since I am not sure I want red and orange.  I'm thinking 2 colors of blue or green. 

3. Nana's Shawl

I finally cast on the March KAL for the Beginning Lace Knitters Group on Ravelry.  The pattern is Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen.  I watched the KAL thread as people knitted these beautiful shawls, and really wanted to make one for my mom.  She lives in Southern California, so doesn't wear mittens, gloves, hats, etc. but she does go to the theater and ballet a lot, and I thought a lacy shawl would be just right.  I am using this absolutely wonderful feeling Cascade Alpaca Lace yarn  in Cream.  I would have made it in some glorious color, but I knew she would want a neutral color, and so I called to double check, and yes she said, please make it in cream.  One of our LYS closed this winter, and I was able to snag this yarn at a nice price.  So far I have knit the first half of the set up section, so it doesn't look like much.  Well, because I am using lace weight yarn and size 5 needles, it kind of looks like Cat Barf.

Good night, and stay well!  Being sick stinks.

shaping the planet one hacking cough at a time

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