Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Got Legs!


I think I'm running out of good titles.  Or maybe the flu is making me slow.  As a writer, I'm going with the later. But there is no denying, I Got Legs!

I have finished the legs on my Subtle Socks (as I am calling them).  I'm using the Lyra's Socks pattern by DeusXMachina on Ravelry.  They are based on the main character from Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy.  I am knitting them in Miss Babs Yummy Superwash in the Squash Blossom colorway.  I've been posting photos in both SolidSocks and Sock Knitters Anonymous in Ravelry, since the color is for Solid Socks (yellow this month) and the pattern is "literary" which is SKA's theme. I keep getting complements on the color from people in SKA.  I think that after winter, people are so ready to knit in something light.  And not only does this yarn feel super wonderful, but you can see the stitch definition is terrific.  I still consider myself a beginning/intermediate knitter.  But, wow, these socks are gorgeous.

This is one of the reasons I am glad I joined these two sock knitting groups.  I am pushed to finish a pair of socks every month.  I am pushed to try new patterns and techniques.  I am pushed to knit in colors I might be too timid to try.  And since Solid Socks has featured dyers, I am also trying new yarns.  That's another reason I joined the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup  Group. I don't think I will be "sorted" into a house this "term."  (3 month period), but just reading the classes/challenges offered, will push me to try new things.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Still coughing on the couch with a bit of a headache.  My son has the lead in the high school play this weekend, and I hope the cough is over.  I don't want to hack my way through his performance.

Stay well.

shaping the planet two subtle sock legs at a time

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