Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Schoharie Spring Square Multi-Color Color Change Rounds


These are the photos of the color change rounds of the SchoharieSpring 12 in Square by designer Mary McKnight.  This very cool square was published in FroggieDezines.  I would like to thank Mary McKnight for designing this square, and for making the pattern free. 

This square is the April "filler" 12 in square for the 2012 BAMCAL Group on Ravelry.

I really loved my original hooking of this square, 
but I just had to try it again and see if I could make each section of the swirly part change color.  Well, of course I could do it if I cut the yarn after each section, but I just did NOT want to  do all the weaving in ends that would result from all those cuts.

I decided to try it again, holding the yarn together for the chains, and hiding the unused color inside the sc's.  This worked fairly well.  I am not sure I like the look of the chains.  But, then again, very little weaving in!

I do not have photos for every round, if you want to see those, please check back on my blog post from 2012.04.21

So this is what I do have:

Round 1

Round 2
Blue and Red yarn held together as I chained and sc'd

Round 3
In the beginning of this round, I just used the Red yarn and wrapped the blue yarn inside each sc, then holding the yarns together for the ch 4.

Round 3 finished

Round 4
I continued with this technique on Rounds 4 -8.

Round 4
Round 6
By this round, I was having a bit of trouble remembering where the beginning was, so I used a removable stitch marker.
Round 6
Round 8
At the end of this round, I cut the yarn.

Round 9
Color change to White
Round 10
After this round, I cut the yarn

Round 11
Color change to red.

Round 12
After this round I cut the yarn.

Round 13
Color change to blue.

Rounds 14 and 15
For these rounds, I used hdc as I was having trouble keeping the square at 12 inches.

Round 15 Final Round

So, I don't really like the flecky, multi-color chains between the pinwheels, but I DO like the different colored pinwheel sections, and of course, I DO like not having to weave in a gazillion yarn ends.  Also, I do like this square pattern.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Sitting at home on the couch feeling vaguely crappy all day.

Poor me.

shaping the planet one less woven in end at a time

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