Friday, April 6, 2012

FO Friday


Finished Object Friday!

I finished my first Snuggly Sock!  This is the pattern and yarn from the Liz Marino Gift Knits Club.

And I immediately cast on the mate.  I had my daughter, S, try the sock on because she wears a 7 and this sock is for my nephew's wife to be who wears a 7.5.  I think it will fit really well.  S was a bit jealous.  I totally plan to make this pattern my "go to" Better than French Vanilla" pattern.

I was down to 2 WIP's (other than the 12in Squares for April for the 2012BAMCAL Group on Ravelry).  So yesterday, I cast on 3 new projects.  More on those, next week.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

Today, I started out my trip at a LYS in Longview, WA, Evie's Yarn Emporium.

They have a wonderful selection of yarn, offer classes in both knitting and crochet, and have a nice supply of sock yarn.

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Then I jumped on the bike and knitted  8.27 miles.  

I am on the Columbia River Highway 

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 Look!  I am getting super close to Portland

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I can't wait.

Happy Easter Everyone !

Chocolate Roses from Boehms Candies in Issaquah, WA.   Shhhh!  This is what the Easter Bunny is bringing my kids this year.

shaping the planet one sock at a time


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  1. Your sock is lovely! And I love the "Better Thank French Vanilla" moniker. I wish I'd thought of it myself! The goal with the Gift Knit patterns is that they're easy enough to do fairly quickly, but still look good enough to be gifts you're proud to give. Based on your reviews, so far I think it's working!