Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Yummy Yarn


Why does it start raining just  before I take the daily photo of my Fuji Cherry?  It was sunny this morning, then at noon (which is when I try to take the photo for consistency sake) it was raining.  Now that I am sitting down, writing, it is sunny again.  O well, we do live in the Pacific Northwest.

Not a lot of WIP's to report, though I am still knitting away on my Red Hot Sweater for Lewk, and starting to see daylight at the end of the Sleeve Tunnel.  I just need the toes on the Snuggly Socks for the Liz Marino Gift Knits Club.  Liz  writes the blog Knitting with Karma , teaches knitting, and designs.  Her blog was one of the first I discovered in the knitting blogosphere, and although I have read many many more now, I have stuck with her.  I like her advice.  I love the things she designs.  I like all of the free pattern links she gives.  I like the common sense and stay calm tone of her blog.  And, I love these Snuggly Socks! I will post a photo of the finished first sock tomorrow, because today, I am casting on casting on casting on! (photos to follow probably next week).

The only knitting photo I have is an addition to my stash.

The yarn came for the monthly sock challenges for the  Solid Socks and Sock Knitters Anonymous groups on Ravelry.  The color for April is yellow.  Since I had no yellow in my stash, I had a legitimate reason to BUY YARN!  I bought some "Yummy" superwash monochrome 2 ply sock yarn from Miss Babs.Hand Dyed Yarn & Fiber.

The color is "Squash Blossom."  We grew pumpkins in our yard when we lived in Santa Monica.  The blossoms are this gorgeous color.  I picked a pattern from the suggested ones in Sock Knitters Anonymous (so I can get credit from both groups and be eligible for the monthly prizes), but now I am not sure.  The SKA challenge is to use a pattern with a literary theme.  I am going to look at the acceptable patterns again because this yarn is so wonderful, I want wonderful socks.

These socks are one of the things I am casting on today.

Where in the World is f1bercat?

I rode a bit faster than yesterday, though not as fast as Tuesday.  But, I made my goal of 8.25 miles.  In fact, I knitted 8.74 miles today in 43 minutes.  I made myself finish the row.  That is a great motivator to knit (ride) just a bit more...

Where am I today?

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I reached an LYS!  La Favorites is described as a "house of fine yarns, espresso, home decor and warm conversation."    The website is more of a blog, with photos of the lovely yarns and many sweet FO's.  They have a nice selection of knitting books for sale.  There is a group on Ravelry named La Favorites Favorites.

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I am just so happy to get out of the woods and into a comfy LYS again!.
Tomorrow, I will start at another LYS.  I am indeed out of the wilderness with 2 shops so close to each other.

Have a great evening.
shaping the planet 2 new skeins of YUMMY sock yarn at a time

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  1. I appreciate the kind words! Your blog has a link from mine, and my readers love you. I'm so glad knitting brough us together (virtually)!