Thursday, July 31, 2014



I finished the Christmas Balls and Snowflakes for my OWL for the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup.  I really like the ones that I knit with the Dale of Norway yarn much more than the ones where I used the Cascade 220. 

Dale of Norway

Cascade 220

I know I write this all the time, but one of the things I love about the house cup competition is that everything has to be totally finished before you turn it in.  This means that I spent a whole night hooking chains for each ball and attaching them.
If finishing wasn't a requirement, Christmas Eve would have come around, and there would have been no chains.  I know how bad I am about these things.  I sewed this beautiful baptism gown for my kids.  They all wore it.  After each baptism, I embroidered their names and birthdates on the gown.  When I was embroidering Pookie's birthday, I ran out of white embroidery floss.  No kidding, we got the gown out 2 years ago, and the last number in his birth year was still not finished.  I have since finished that date... but that is how I normally am.  It is very hard sometimes to finish up the last little bits when the fun part of the project is finished.

I also love the snowflakes I hooked.  (Notice that they all have thread for hanging sewn on them.)
This was a really successful OWL.  I have been wanting to make these for over a year, and just never got around to it.  I need to thank Skeinherder for getting me interested in the Christmas Balls. And really, I need to thank the HPKCHC Gryffindor Advanced Studies team for encouraging me to propose this as my Care of Magical Creatures OWL.

Next term I might make a sweater for my daughter, Moogie.  Ok, now that I have written it down here, and you are all my witnesses, I have no excuses but to make her a sweater!

shaping the planet with Christmas in July (it's not quite midnight)

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