Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunday Knitting (as reported on Monday)


We are back to hot hot hot weather.  Well, hot hot hot for us.  I have had to ride the bike at the gym rather than get out in this weather, and that is really no fun.  It's amazing how I can take a 3 hour bike ride and never think of the time, but when I am riding the stationary bike at gym, all I do it watch the clock.

Anyway, I made it to Sunday Morning Knitting yesterday at Panera's in Redmond.  I got stuck in the airport in Long Beach last Wednesday, so missed that Eastside Stitchers Meet up, then had to work on Friday morning (ugh!), so I was determined to find some knitting time on Sunday.  Wow, I was glad that I did.  First of all, Skeinherder was there.  I have missed her so much.  She has been one of my best knitting buddies, but she has a new job this year, and well, we have all missed knitting with her in person.

She brought the most beautiful sock.
The pattern is Aquaphobia, and her yarn is Yarn Pirate Bamboo/Merino/Nylon in the Sweet Lime colorway.  It's such a nice pattern to use with hand dyed yarns.

Another fun surprise at Sunday Morning Knitting was Truespark.  On our Dying Day Trip to Blue Moon Fiber Arts Studio, Truespark told us about her niece who teaches at an inner city school, The Detroit Achievement Academy, in Detroit, Michigan.  Her Third Grade students are in need of warm hats and mittens, and our stitch group has challenged ourselves to knit for them.  We decided to stick with their school colors, navy blue and white, but other than that, any hat and mitten pattern is good.  It has been fun to see each other's projects.  And, it was fun to see Truespark, as she doesn't often make it to our meet-ups.

Not surprisingly, she brought the beginning of a navy hat.  I'm pretty sure it's the Tolt Hat.
JitteryKnitter was working on??? ha ha ha I'm not sure.  It's not a navy hat or mittens.  I was so charmed by her yarn bowl, that that was all I photographed!
Puzan wasn't knitting something navy either.  She also wasn't knitting her beautiful Featherweight Cardigan.  She was starting...
a cowl.

Meshamarie was knitting fingerless mitts, but these are a gift for her sister.
I can't tell you VanesaPolo's project, but I can show some of her yarn...
so, Who was knitting with Navy yarn?  Wajio, of course!  did I get a photo of her project?  No, of course...  She brought a finished mitten, and was working on the second of the pair.  If she brings them on Wednesday night, I will try to get a photo.

shaping the planet in navy and white
These are the double-knit mittens I was knitting on Sunday

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