Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I haven't posted in a few days

but it's not because I am not crafting.

Or riding my bike.  I rode back to the roundabout near I90 yesterday, and felt pretty good, but today, my back was hurting, so I took a day off.

As far as the crafting has been going, I am hard at work on my half of the Wedding Afghan, and also, I am finishing up the Christmas Balls and snowflakes for my OWL for HPKCHC.

The first 5 or so afghan squares will be submitted for the Final Round of the Quidditch World Cup, as well.

I am trying to design new squares for this, or at least use squares that I have already designed.  Sometimes, when I am working on a design, I get out my Japanese Crochet books and look at the stitch designs.  Often I will take one of the motifs from the book, rework it so it can be done in the round, and then try to make it work for an afghan square.  Sometimes this means that the square looks a lot like the starting design.  Sometimes the final square has some of the essence of the starting design, but the final version is quite different.

Let me show you what I mean.  This first square has some "flower" motifs that are pretty close to one of the stitch combinations from the Japanese Crochet stitch dictionary.  My main changes are that I altered the pattern to work in the round.

Well, then of course I added the borders and figured out the corners.  This is what the "flowers" look like partially constructed.
I kind of liked how the centers are single crochets, but the numbers of chains make the petals a bit sloppy looking.

Also, because the original design is built on a granny square type motif, I started the square like a granny square.  I decided to try to make the square again, but with some changes.

First, I started with a flower in the center, and I used a textured center to the flower.
Then, I decided to use 2 differently constructed Puff stitches.  a 4Puff, which has 4 YO and is fuller would be used for the petals, and a 2puff would be used for the corners.

Then I decided to make the 4 flower motifs with 6 petals each, and a simple, tighter center.
Finally,  because the smaller flowers made for a smaller square, I got to play with the border, and was able to add a row of fans (or shells).

I like both versions, but I think I like the second one a bit more.
I now have 4/15 wedding squares finished.

More on the Christmas Balls and snowflakes later.

shaping the planet with crocheted flowers.


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