Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ha Ha Ha If you didn't make to Knitting tonight, YOU MISSED LINNEA!

Sorry to sound so smug, but we had a BABY VISITOR! at the regular Wednesday meet up of Eastside Stitchers.

The beautiful Linnea came to knit with us for a bit.  Her mom, Anerenbe, wasn't exactly able to knit, but we hope she will try again, and maybe get a row in!  Either way, we got to see our second to the newest Eastside Stitcher in person.

I will stop a minute to welcome the newest Eastside Stitcher, Schrike and ErikaRS 's baby, another GIRL, has been born.  Welcome to their little Sylvia Isabelle.

Ok, who besides the beautiful Linnea ignored the wonderful summer weather and came to hang out at Crossroads in Bellevue?

Puzan brought her Featherweight Cardigan.

She is using the beautiful "Tart" colorway in Madelinetosh Merino Light.  Puzan is working on this sweater in a class she is taking at Tolt Yarns and Wools.

Jitteryknitter brought the colorwork sweater she is knitting for the same sweater class, but tonight she was working on a baby hat in the color Tomato
Tara1682 brought the beautiful beaded shawl she is knitting.  The pattern is Iznik I heart you Shawl and there are about 1500 beads in this pattern.

BlueBerryMary brought her grandson's sweater.  She is sewing the pieces together.  I won't tell you that she sewed a few of the pieces insideout... and hat to rip back the seaming and resew.   Actually, the sweater is amazing.  The heathered yarn shows the texture pattern and the cables beautifully.  You can't really see this in the bad photo.
Wajio brought a new mitt that she is knitting.  The yarn is also red.  This must be the Red summer here.
Wajio will also be doing some ripping out as the cuff for the first mitt is too small.  She plans to add 4 stitches, and start again.  Redbird1, you would be proud of our group! 

This Saturday, I will be headed down to Oregon for a Dying Day at Blue Moon Fiber Arts!  I am so excited.  It is not a class, but an opportunity to work at the dying table with some supervision and their dyes and yarn bases.  I have no idea what I will dye (sock yarn!) or what colors I will choose (yellow? ha ha I have yellow yarn...  )  I will do my best to take photos and report back here.

shaping the planet in the presence of BABIES!

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