Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lots of Hats and China

Sunshine on the water makes me happy.

Today is July 1.  This means that yesterday was the last day of June.  The last day of any month during a "term" for the HPKCHC (Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup) is always Crazy Day for me as I try to finish up projects and post them to the classes.  I used to finish things and post/turn them in right away.  But, lately, I have been going for more yardage and therefore bonus points.  This means I keep projects until the last minute while thinking, is there something more I can make that would also fit in this class?

Anyway, since I am knitting hats for charity this year for the Eastside Knitters Guild, many of my class turn ins are hats.  I like to keep a  baby hat on my knitting needles, as well as one on the hook.  They are usually great social knitting, small, and good to take if I need to wait in a line somewhere (hence the hat I was knitting at the bike shop the other day). 

So here are a few of the hats that I finished up in the last days of the month for the Click for Babies charity.

These are crochet and use the Basic Baby Beanie pattern by Melissa Hall. 
There couldn't be an easier pattern. 

The hat that I was knitting at the bike shop turned into this Jester hat, that I designed myself.
Super easy and fun to knit.  I hope to write up the pattern in the next few days.


Pookie hasn't sent me a good paragraph to post, but we have been emailing back and forth in short bursts, so I will put some of these together to let you know what he is doing.

Me:  How many people in your class are from Princeton, and how many from other schools, and which other schools?  Have you made any new friends?  Are you getting to talk to any natives?


My class is about half Princeton students, and yeah I've made a bunch of new friends. And yeah I often talk with the locals. 

Me:  Happy Birthday, (and then I told him a story about a temp job I did at a French language school in the area where I got to say "Bon Weekend" to all of the students)




Yeah, it's already my birthday, thanks!

And you're right, I don't know why French had to steal our word. 

Today we went to the Great Wall (there are group excursions haha), it was super fun but incredibly hot for a while, and then it rained haha. 


Oh also the bus broke down on the way back from the Great Wall so 3 other guys and I got out and pushed!
ok, I swiped this photo from some friend of his on facebook as he can't upload photos while in China, so apologies to her for the theft of the photo.
shaping the planet with purple hats.

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